Alumni of Boz

What work did they do at Boz? Where are they now?

Jeanne Vu

During: She was an instructor and researcher for the Shaw’s agave biodiversity project and the fly neurobiology project.

After: She is a research scientist for Meta Reality Labs, modeling human perception for improving VR and AR devices.

Sylvia Gong

During: She was a research associate studying zebrafish toxicology and embryology, and assisted with the fruit fly, C. elegans, Shaw’s agave, and Tijuana River Estuary projects.

After: At Cardinal Biocraft, she works as a lab manager responsible for resource and time management, problem solving, and keeping the lab running smoothly.

Neya Suresh Kumar

During: She was apart of the instructor team, and a researcher on the Tijuana River Estuary project.

After: Now, she’s a medical student at Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine.

Kesten Bozinovic

During: She was an instructor and researcher on public health and ecological risk assessment projects. She completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Metrology and Policy at Georgetown University.

After: She is the constituent affairs manager at the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation supporting NOAA’s office of National Marine Sanctuaries.

Miguel Pesqueira

During: He was a research intern, part of the Metagenomics team, studying the microbiome of the Tijuana River Estuary.

After: Now, he is a research associate on the research and development team at Aethlon Medical, inc., where he’s advancing therapies for the removal of viruses and cancer promoting elements.

Darcy Engelhart

During: She was a lead instructor on the teaching team, and helped develop a project investigating the effects of environmental pollutants on brain gene expression in male and female fruit flies.

After: She is finishing her 3rd year of medical school at California Northstate University, and is planning on applying to a Child Neurology residency in fall ’23.

Sora Haagensen

During: She was an intern analyzing the genetic diversity of Shaw’s agave, and for another project investigating pre-Covid trends for adolescents with ADHD.

After: Now at Brandeis University, she works as a lab technician preparing and testing plates for a research project studying DNA repair in yeast.

Mary Anne Szuch

During: She was a research intern studying the effect of GenX on locomotion and gene expression of male and female fruit flies.

After: She is a graduate student pursuing a M.S. degree in Nutrition Science to become a Registered Dietitian.