Boz Life Science Research and Teaching Institute’s foundational partner is UCSD Division of Extended Studies Education and Community Outreach Department. Aligned in Boz’s mission to advance scientific understanding, improve ecological and human health, and cultivate future scientists and community, together we launched the Boz Research Immersion Program for pre-college scholars.

Our goal is to maintain synergistic partnerships based on collaborative projects and/or authentic research experiences for our students and community. Our unique immersion learning method enables individuals to work as peers with researchers on neurobiology, cell-signaling, genomics, evolutionary biology, ecology, and environmental/human health projects.

Boz engagement opportunities include:

  • joint or sponsored science research projects for collaboration and/or student immersion
  • volunteer opportunities for scientists in career panels and poster sessions
  • post-immersion program internships for students
  • contract research
  • custom immersion program for college students, recent graduates, transitioning military veterans, individuals re-entering the life science workforce, teachers, seniors, and the general public

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