Innovative STEM Symposium

On Thursday, June 1st, Boz Institute – in collaboration with UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies, hosted their annual Innovative STEM Symposium. More than 150 students, researchers, and scientists gathered at UC San Diego Park and Market to learn about ongoing research and student-based programs at Boz. 

Some of the presented work included research on the multigenerational effects of chemicals on male and female flies, the monitoring of endangered black abalone through environmental DNA, and the risk assessment of the highly contaminated Tijuana River Estuary. The presentations all highlight Boz’s in-lab work, which fosters relationships between researchers and students in high school and college. Through this research, students not only learn about innovative science, but also gain real world experience not often offered in a typical school setting. 

Nearly 30 highschool students enrolled in Boz Institute’s internship programs also presented at the symposium. Led by Ken Hirata, these programs gave students the opportunity to design and execute the research based on local environmental interests.

Boz was proud to introduce Metagenomics Database created by Flannery McLamb and her team; the database is a globally accessible hub for metagenomic data sharing and relevant research publications. Like the database, Boz is expanding globally – with upcoming projects in Ghana, Chile, Mexico, and Vietnam. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date on all of Boz’s projects.