Research Immersion Programs

Our research immersion program

gives students research experience from developing a hypothesis, conducting field work, designing and running experiments, collecting and analyzing data and communicating their results. Project curriculum consists of fundamental molecular biology topics, modern lab methodology, bioinformatics and statistical analysis. The program is currently offered year round to pre-college students through a partnership with UCSD Division of Extended Studies.

Meet Our Students

From past sessions

Melania and Rin enjoyed presenting their research findings during our Spring 2022 Neurobiology and Epigenetics program.

The Experience

  • Synthesize life science fundamentals
  • Formulate hypotheses and design experiments
  • Culture and maintain organisms in the lab
  • Collect and process samples
  • Execute experiments
  • Collect, manage, and analyze data
  • Review primary literature
  • Communicate your research through poster presentations and seminars attended by scientists and industry leaders.

Our joint immersion program with UCSD Division of Extended Studies fosters opportunities for collaboration, internships, and career advancement for pre-college students.

Natalie, a high school student from Oregon, participated in the summer 2020 virtual program researching aging / cellular protein aggregation in C. elegans, is currently interning with Boz.

Learning Model