About this project

Were Carl Linnaeus’s taste buds functional? In the 1700s, Linnaeus, the “father of taxonomy”, named the Irish Strawberry as Arbutus unedo meaning, “eat only one”, implying that this fruit is not palate-pleasing. We disagree: this project aims to redeem the Irish Strawberry as tasty, nutrient-rich fruit through chemical analyses. By barcoding three DNA markers and performing phylogenetic analysis, we spotlight Irish Strawberry as the favorite Boz lab fruit on the “Tree of Life”.

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The Boz Lab’s Favorite Power Snack

Even better than coffee at boosting joy and productivity in the lab


  • One slice of gluten free toast
  • 10 grams of almond butter
  • As many Irish Strawberries as you can fit 



Keith Lombardo, Ph.D.:

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