Virtual Career Panels

We hosted virtual career panels for our fall 2020 pre-college research immersion scholars. Industry Professionals (scientists, project manager, CEO/founder) from Janssen, Catalent and Hemex Health joined a medical student from Northstate University and spoke with our scholars about their career journeys, ethics, workplace culture, lessons learned from good and bad career decisions and more.

Key takeaways from some of the students:

• I really appreciated learning about different career options for science degrees and pathways!

• Overall, it was just reassuring to see that many people had different pathways to their careers. For example, Jeff wasn’t sure what he wanted to pursue when he was still in high school, which makes me feel a little better knowing that I can still explore options.

• I learned that science can coincide with business and in a way how they look for determination and a good attitude.

• I’m very glad I had the opportunity to hear from all of them. I found it incredibly interesting that the company has a large library of molecules that they screen to find starting points for research, because I’d always wondered how scientists begin the process of drug development and product research.